COVID UPDATE BULLETIN – October 22, 2020

Dear Southeast Hope Assembly (SEHA) Family and Friends

SEHA is pleased to advise its many families and friends that we continue to have in-person services at the Worship Center. We continue to follow the guidelines of Alberta Health Services in practicing proper hand hygiene, sanitization, physical distancing and wearing of masks at all times while in the Worship Center. We look forward to you joining us for services on Sundays and Thursdays. However, if you are sick with any flu-like symptoms, been exposed to someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 or is waiting for test results, we ask that you please DO NOT COME TO THE WORSHIP CENTER. Please join us of our online services as we continue to live-stream our services via YouTube, Facebook and Twitch.

* General Conditions:

*There is no cap on capacity for places of worship, as long as there is a distance of at least 2 meters or appropriate barriers between members of different households (with the exception of cohort families)

*Congregational singing is only permitted if everyone wears their mask and of such we at SEHA have decided that wearing a mask in mandatory in the Worship Center

*All attendees are required to sign in and out at the front desk for each service

* Distancing Measures:

*Physical distancing of 2 meters during services will be adhered to.

*Appropriate sign & labels supporting physical distancing are be posted through the center

* Cleaning Measures:

*Hand sanitizing stations are available at entry, exits and other stations in the church.

*Frequent disinfecting/sanitizing of high touch areas (e.g. pulpit, bathrooms, chairs, door knobs etc.). Facility will also be cleaned in between services.

* Frequent hand washing by all with soap and water is highly encouraged.

* Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

*Congregants are encouraged to bring their own masks to church even though physical distancing measures are being implemented.

We will continue to monitor & implement any new recommendations set by the province, and keep you updated as we work together to do our part to minimize the spread of COVID-19

We give praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we has allowed us to be able to continue to meet for in-person services and encourage you to join us whenever you can at the Worship Center or in-person.


Pastor & Sister Russell