Rescue The Perishing Outreach Ministries International-Jamaica


RTPOMI is a Bible believing church that seeks to honor God and be a beacon to the people in the district of Treadlight Jamaica and surrounding communities. Our mission is to lead people to Christ through love, respect and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to all we meet. Pastor Russell is also the overseer of this ministry.





Health Fair Project

Free medical checkup’s were given to many of the people in Treadlight and  surrounding communities along with free medical supplies.  Southeast Hope Assembly  as a ministry extended an outreach mission to assist with the extremely high medical needs in these areas.







Housing Project

The Housing Project has brought families back together to live together in one accord. There were many homes to be fixed up that didn’t meet standard living conditions. As a ministry, through the work of the Lord we were able to help families and improve their homes.






Playground Project

This project has been ongoing the past 3 years and is still a work in progress. Southeast Hope Assembly is work towards building a safe playground for the youth in Treadlight community. The phases consisted of tearing down the old fencing which took one year, putting up new fencing which was over a two year period. The last phases are to make improvements to the existing field and develop a new soccer, basketball and play area.  If you would like to make a donation towards this project proceed to our Give Page, any donations over $20 a tax receipt is given.






Supplies sent to Treadlight Project

Southeast Hope Assembly collects everyday essentials to send to Jamaica, so families in need can be blessed.  If you would like to support this project please proceed to our Contact Us Page with details.






Giving to the Children of Jamaica Project

Many donations have been given to support this amazing project to give to the children of Jamaica.  Some of the donations given were school supplies and for personal hygiene.