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The Christ Centered Church – Part 4


Acts 2 The Christ centered church is led by Christ centered leaders who diligently keep a simple gospel focus in everything the church does. This means that everything we believe and do is calibrated by the gospel and its implications. We build and sustain a Christ centred DNA. The gospel centered church magnifies the work […]

The Christ Centered Church -Part 3


Acts 2 We must embrace, live in and live by the grace and power of the gospel. The gospel is the center and it must be restored to the center so that it becomes our one aim. The principles of gospel centrality show us how to orient our ministries and churches around the gospel. It […]

The Christ Centered Church – Part 2


Acts 2 Becoming a gospel saturated church is a great aim and it is our desire as we journey together. Gospel centered churches are led by those who are saturated in the gospel, transformed and alive with the power of the gospel. It is one thing to biblically, theologically and religiously understand the gospel; but […]

The Christ Centered Church


Acts 2 The Christ-Centered Church is a Bible believing, Spirit-filled church that is saturated with prayer. Like human beings with five senses, so does the Christ-Centered Church with a fivefold ministry which all depend on each other to operate effectively. This church holds and keeps Jesus Christ above and at the center of everything.