The word blessing refers to inheritance, gifts or rewards given unto people who believe in Jesus Christ. When the sinner receives salvation with or w/o works, they’re receiving a blessing. The blessings we receive when we come to Christ:
– Cleansing
– Washing
– Righteousness
– Forgiveness
– Justification
– Purification and,
– Impartation from the Spirit of GodWe have blessings that are conditional and unconditional
Unconditional means blessings that are a free gift, we don’t have to do anything to get these … God has given this to us, you don’t have to work for it.

When you come in the kingdom there are some blessings only for kingdom citizens

Unconditional blessings for both the saved and unsaved
When you understand the blessings of God and you come into the house of God, you will come in ready to sing and praise the Lord. If you understand your pay day, it is a joy to work for the Lord just like on your regular job, you know what you’re working for, and you know the expectation. As people of God, we need to know what our expectations are after toiling, after prayer meetings, after years of worshipping God. What is your promise of blessing and rewards that await you? When you know this, you’ll start having confidence in the things of God, you’ll have confidence knowing you’re the sons and daughters of God, you’re the citizen of a kingdom and your labour is not in vain.